‘El-bow’ Benitez?

There is a storm brewing over the Red half of Merseyside a storm that hasn’t been witnessed in their illustrious 117 year history. This current squad of Liverpool is one of the worst and most under performing sides I have seen to wear the ‘Liver bird’ shirt.

Let’s put it into perspective, Liverpool fans and the club are living in the past, and have been for the last 20 years. Yes, they have a rich history: 18 league championships, 7 league cups, 5 FA Cups, 5 European Cups. But if you look closely it tells a different story.

Since 1991 Liverpool have won 3 League Cups, 3 FA Cups, 1 European Cup (Champions League) and an UEFA Cup. Looks good doesn’t it??? How our illusionary vision can fool us!! The Holy Grail is missing the now renowned Premier League Title. In which time rivals Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea have won no fewer than on 16 occasions!

Liverpool fans and their management are blind, the curtains need to be drawn wide open and let the sun shine on the reality of this football club. Here’s why:

 1. They heavily rely on Messrs Gerrard and Torres.

 2. Liverpool has a small squad, with a weak and under-used second string of players: Voronin, Ngog, Kyrgiakos are not the quality required for Liverpool to be successful. Benitez shows little confidence in starting Babel.  Benyoun (who offers more creativity) only starts when Riera is injured and Kuyt has been converted to a workman-like right-side midfielder, (who was originally brought to score goals). 

 3. Liverpool only perform well in extreme adversity, when the chips are down, when all odds are against them. Champions League Final ’05, FA Cup Final ’06, matches against Fulham and Portsmouth away last season, recent league game Vs. Man United, are to name but a few examples. They’ve become a re-active football team, not putting the onus on themselves to be the ‘Game Changer’ and lead from the front (like all successful teams do), jerking responsibility and hoping Steven ‘God’ Gerrard or Fernando ‘Messiah’ Torres save their behinds. 

After last night’s 1-1 draw with Lyon the knives are getting sharper for Benitez and his tenure with Liverpool.

 But while many will say give him the ‘Spanish Archer’ I will say to keep him, he is still the best man for the job.  Despite his evident flaws there is no-one better for working a way out of a hole. He is a world class tactician, with a proven track record at club level both domestically and on the continent with Valencia. Also and most importantly for Liverpool they will not have to fork out £20m to buy out his contract (money always talks in Football)

 Liverpool will not progress in the Champions League, or win the Premier League title – maybe the best chance of silverware is the Europa League.

 If he is going to stay at Anfield, Benitez must realise the no. 1 priority to Liverpool fans is winning the league, not the cups – it is all about being called ‘Champions of England’.  If he doesn’t know this by now then has he allowed his ego and pride and his own vision for Liverpool get the better of him and his job? Are Mr. Gillette and Co’s elbows eyeing their target?


5 Responses to “‘El-bow’ Benitez?”

  1. Jamie Says:

    They should not of sold keane, and that could have saved them!

  2. stephania Says:

    informative and well written. i like your style!

  3. Charles Says:

    Hurtfully truthful blog!…

    Marshall, I think Benitez is aware of priority #1 (The Premier Title)! Question I have for you.. is, what actions/changes need to be made in order for Stevie G’ to hold aloft that Premier crown B4 he retires?

    • marshallalwaysmatters Says:

      Hi Charles,

      for Stevie G to lift the Premier League title he needs to join a better club! Maybe head to Old Trafford or come South!!!

      Seriously – the clue is in their predecessors and in the history of their closest rivals. In the ’80s Liverpool had as their ‘Spine’ – Grobbelaar, Hansen, Souness and Rush. Man Utd. had Schmeichel, Pallister, Keane and Cantona. Arsenal team of the early ’00s had Seaman, Adams, Viera and Henry. Even more recently Chelsea ’05-’06 team consisted of Cech, Terry, Lampard and Drogba.

      Do you see the pattern here???? 4 phases is the key, each person being a phase, a process from start (Grobbelaar) to finish (Rush). The current Liverpool squad don’t have this, each of the teams I mentioned can provide other a second ‘Spine’ of quality players (for the exception of keeper) i.e. Schmeichel, Bruce, Ince and Hughes.

      If Liverpool can build two strong ‘Spine’ teams then maybe in a few years they can challenge again.

  4. Emma Says:

    Hey I never knew you were a writer, it reads really well even thought I don’t have a clue about football!! Keep it up Marshall, you’re doing good!! x

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